What does BB stand for and when did it start?

Brooke Bussiahn – our first born daughter (2013).
Brett and I started the company September 2015.

Is the Fruit&Veg Organic?

Unfortunately not, we tried out an Organic F&V Box in December 2017, but the variety was too limited and the requests too few and far between.

Brett is currently up every morning at 03h00 to shop for the F&V at the Epping Market, and deliver same day.

Is the meat Free range?

Yes, we have 3 Free-Range Meat box Options, there might be a two week wait, but we try and keep stock on hand.

What is the company motto?

BB Distributor’s mission is to become the most reliable service provider of veggies and other food stuff to households We create an opportunity for our customers to give small businesses a fair chance to grow. Our recycling programme helps our customers to practise social responsibility with regards to environmental and social upliftment.

Delivery days?

Delivery options: (between 9h00-16h00)

  1. TUESDAY  – Tokai, Plumstead, Meadow Ridge, Constantia, Kirstenhof, Lakeside, Steenberg, Bergvliet, Wynberg and Diep River
  2. WEDNESDAY – Rondebosch, Claremont, Newlands, Bishops Court and Kenilworth
  3. THURSDAY  – Observatory, Mowbray, Rosebank, Pinelands, Salt River & Woodstock

NOTE: All Orders for Extras, are to be placed by 6pm on Fridays & will be delivered the following week with your order.

If you we do not deliver to your area, please contact us and we will add your name to the list.
As soon as we have enough members in a new area we will deliver there.

Delivery times?

BB Distributor’s currently deliver from 10h00-16h00.

Are there any delivery charges involved?

NO, we deliver free of charge to the stated areas in the Southern Suburbs and hopefully to Durbanville soon.

How do I pay for my order?

Our new online system should generate an invoice immediately. Payment method = EFT.

Can I CHANGE my subscription?

Our new system  (Options 1 – 3) is valid on a 4-week rotation, so if you want to change from one option to another, do so on the 4th week.

Why is this a rolling subscription?

We are still a very small operation, Brett, myself and a part time driver.
We simply do not have the capacity to employ more people to help with Route Planning, Purchasing, Distribution, Quality Control, Accounts, Admin, Social Media and Client Communication. We also don’t have massive warehouse space, so we order each week, exactly what we need for that week, which eliminates all waste.
All these factors keep prices low, as we would like to offer an affordable service.

Why is the meat, pesto, breads and pastries delivered frozen?

We find it is easier to transport and deliver frozen.

Why can't I place a once-off order?

We have to create a deliver schedule and time sheet so that week after week, we can deliver to the same addresses, at more or less the same time so that someone is home to accept the delivery. And again, we don’t have the capacity to keep stock and create a delivery schedule every day.

We accept your orders on a Friday, we place our orders with various suppliers, receive these on Monday and deliver fresh to you on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

It also saves the members from sitting home all day waiting for us 🙂

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